Various functions of various store fixtures

Store fixtures are modern and popular commercial unit for different kinds of shops to display various items. Store fixtures play an important part in displaying products in various shops and stores.

Every shop and store has its own special store fixture. It is designed and produced based on the space, style, decoration and products on sale of shop. Store fixtures include a wide range of display fixtures, such as slatwall display stand, tile display rack, cash counter and other wood furniture. It can be sorted of garment display fixtures, grocery display fixtures, accessories display fixtures and digital products display fixtures according to the functions.

Store fixture design vary from the feature of shop and products. Our store fixtures are made of environmentally friendly wood material combined with metal, high glass acrylic and glass. What’s more, clients can choose the color, appearance and style that they like and fit their need. Beautiful and nice surface treatment like melamine, laminate and painting are available. With modern CNC machinery and fine workmanship, we can manufacture the high quality store fixture for clients and clients would like to do a long term business with us.


The above article comes from GEEWIN DISPLAY.