Tradition and Innovation of Display Fixture

No innovation,no development.Innovation is the forever topic of all artistic creation.What means in unique and innovative design is that we produce display fixture based on inheriting the creative effect in the past,and then we grow new idea,explore new pattern and new design.New construction,technology and material should be explored in display fixture creation.In modern time,many display fixtures of jewelry,cosmetic and gifts are restricted by the situation of social economy and culture development,so display fixture is lack of modern and cultural style.The reasons are that suppliers lacks of the comprehension of display fixtures and environmental concept.On the other hand,design and construction should be improved to make better display fixtures.

Color is another factor that makes effect on display fixture.Innovative concept should be fixed with color selection and products feature so as to attract more customers.Color of displays should be nice and suitable for products.First of all,color design contributes to atmosphere in shops and stores because of its sensibility and variety.Cosmetic display racks,jewelry display fixtures and display racks are of attracting color so that customers can choose the most suitable display stands for their stores.With great displays,customers can be relax and happy to do shopping.

Some display fixtures will be made with light decoration which can make products more beautiful and attracting.Take jewelry display stands for example,light is so important in jewelry stores which is used to highlight the color and feature of jewelry and other accessories.With beautiful light decorated,the atmosphere will be very nice and relaxed.Referring to application of display fixtures,merchants should arrange lights and display stands according to different function area.As for light decoration,we should also assimilate into innovative concept and make it best designed for products.