Something about Laminated Display Stand

How is laminated display stand? Do you know something about it? I think you will find the answers after reading the following article.

  • Why is laminate created

Laminate material is made by a process that based paper (titanium powder paper, kraft paper) is disposed with an impregnation technology of the industrial chemical melamine and phenolic resin under high temperature and high pressure.laminate is also called apyrous board,scientific name is thermosetting resin impregnated paper high-pressure laminated board,abbreviations for HPL(Decorative High-pressure Laminate).It is finished with fireproof veneer. Laminate material is normally used in manufacture of table,cabinet,office furniture and wooden laminated display stand.

  • What is laminate material

Laminated display stand is made of MDF board or particle board. Laminate material becomes a kind of decorative wood through the autoclaved technology of mixture of the siliceous calcareous materials and a certain percentage of the fiber material, light aggregate,binder and chemical additives. Laminated display stand requires higher construction of glue.

  • How is laminate finishing

Finished with laminate,laminated display stand is so glossy and of abundant grain and special physical characteristics. It’s transparent performance can greatly restore color and decorative pattern, which is of high simulation. Phenolic resin with thermosetting molding can make the laminated display stand temperature-resisting and water-resisting,of high density and rigid.

Laminate material has the dual advantages of organic and inorganic board, which not only has flexibility of wooden organic board and reprocessing character,but also is temperature-resisting and water-resisting.As a professional laminated display stand manufacturer, Geewin will produce the high quality laminated display stands with wear-resisting and smooth surface. A wide variety of laminate display stands are available such as cosmetic display stands,clothes display racks and so on.

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