Something important about Checkout Counter

With a checkout counter in shops and chain stores conveying the image successfully,the selling of salesman will be more successful.Without playing the usage of checkout counters,all efforts will be in vain.

As the development of modern economy,checkout counters play a more and more important in shops,malls and supermarkets.In fact,the arrangement of checkout counters,dimension,display products,the POS and behaviors of salesman are of great importance.With great efforts on it, checkout counter can play a great role in your shop.


Here are some knowledge about checkout counter you need to know.

Opportune Quantity

Firstly,the location of checkout counters should be proper.Generally speaking,it should be put in the entryway to the shop and always in the right side.Secondly,quantity of the POS should be appropriate.Merchants can determine the quantity based on their space and products features.In addition,during special activities and holidays,shop manager can increase the amount of checkout counters properly according to the situation.

Suitable Shape and Dimension

Normally,checkout counter is 60cm wide which is suitable for putting computers,bill printers and other equipment.The length is designed based on the actual space of the shop. Usually,checkout counter is made into a shape of “L” ,so there is a cashier area in the shop.The short part of the checkout counter is about 80cm long whose function is partition,while the other part is 150cm to 200cm long whose function is receiving money.

Any part of checkout counter can be against the wall as the space of your shop.Some checkout counters can be made into a shape of arc of “7” ,some may be made into a straight shape.

The height should be keep 90cm or 100cm because if it is over 100cm it will bring trouble to customers.Besides,the distance between checkout counters and display stands or promotion tables should not be too long or too short.If too long,it will make shop look too empty.If too short,it will make people feel depressed.

Great Functions

Nowadays,the main function of checkout counters is money collecting.Apart from this,checkout counter can also make good effect on products sale and shop image.Chewing gums,vitamin effervescent tablets, family planning supplies,sugar and products of sunstroke prevention are on sale beside checkout counter,which are the impulsiveness and indicative goods.Merchants can display the products on the checkout counters by virtue of some display tools such as a small stepped display rack. But remember not to heap too much goods on the checkout counters or the sight of the checker will be blocked.

Checkout counter is not only the last station of the shop where customers do shopping, but also one of the great display windows of shop image. Geewin can design and manufacture the suitable checkout counter for your shops which not only looks beautiful but also is of great importance.



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