Slatwall fixture for shop and store

Slatwall fixture is a flexible and useful wood joinery for various shop and store, which shop keepers use to display different products, such clothing, shoes, jewelry and hardware accessories. Slatwall fixture can be also called “slatwall display rack”, “slatwall display stand” and “slotted display rack”.

Taking the enviromentally friendly MDF board as the base material, slatwall fixtures can be designed in various styles and finishes. Shop owners can choose different colors, dimensions and styles. As long as it is suitable for your shop and products, we can custom made the fixtures for you.

Slatwall panel is also a kind of slatwall fixture. It is very easy and protable to be mounted along the wall to hang items for exhibition. But it can be designed in different finishes and styles as well. Some can be made with base cabinets so that people can hang items on the shelf and store things in the cabinets. Slatwall fixture is really convenient for people to use in shop and store. It is so functional and flexible that you can use for exhibition and storage.

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