Are there any relationship between Bookcase and Wealth?

There is an article referring to wealth and bookcase.It made me confused that the concept of someone may be too superstitious.However,in a way,some opinion may be useful for those who hope to maintain their wealth.

Many people may make a mistake that bookshelves are the same as bookcases,thinking that there are no differences between bookshelves and bookcases.Actually,there are  some differences between bookshelves and bookcases even they sounds similar.Bookshelf is just a frame construction in the space,while bookcase is a entirety in the space.Relatively speaking,bookcase is covered with a big volume so that all kinds of bookcases can be called “bookshelves”,but not all the bookshelves are bookcases.

Bookcase is like a “box” and even a “wealth box”.People always think that wealth can be keep steadily with bookcases in house.The one who wants to be rich must have bookcases that is a symbol of getting money.

Many people choose bookshelves as a result of economy or convenience.The poor man found himself poorer and poorer after choosing the bookshelf.Even not being poorer,he still can not become rich.People think that bookcase can protect from dust with a door.Readers think highly of bookcases as it is so elegant that it is regarded as a mascot together with books.

As the saying goes,”knowledge is wealth,knowledge is power.A person who values knowledge will accumulate more and more wealth day by day and has enough power to keep family steady.Therefore,family members can get along with each other.Of course,human being plays an important role in happiness of family.It is true that human and things are mutually influential.Human can change things,things can infect human as well.Actually,it is a superstition that bookcase is a mascot of getting money.Weather you have a bookcase in house, it is your heart,knowledge,skill and quality that values.Only when you make good use of your bookcases can they become a mascot.


The above article comes from GEEWIN DISPLAY.