Points of using tiles display stands properly

Tiles display stands are so important for the tiles products exhibition. Some points should be paid attention when using the display stands.

Firstly, Placing environment: Many tiles display stands are made of steel or wood material. If placed in a humid environment and mixed with moisture in the air, it is easy to rust and crack. The tiles display stands will naturally be useless for a long time. In this case, we should avoid putting it in a moderately large place. If it must be placed in this environment, it is recommended to use air desiccant. Cattle blankets are used on the ground. That would be better.

Secondly, Arbitrary display: If you buy a display stand, you would like to put all your tiles products on one stand, which causes serious overload of the tiles display stands. The consequences of this may lead to the collapse of the display stand. It not only increases the personal danger coefficient, but also easily destroys the display structure of the stand itself. Generally, the display stands are designed by professional designers, and they have been carefully considered in terms of strength and aesthetic feeling.

Thirdly, Suitable sunlight irradiation: Proper sunlight irradiation can not only sterilize the bacteria , but also release and restore the original element structure proportion of the display frame, which makes the tiles display stands more durable

Fourth, Usually clean with dusters: in order to make the surface brighter and not become dull so quickly, it is necessary to use duster to clean the dust on the display stand.



The above article is published by GEEWIN DISPLAY.