Methods of maintaining Wood Display Stand

Everything needs maintaining,so do the wood display stand.People always do some cleaning and maintenance for their wood display stand to keep its gloss.But they may do it in a wrong way that will do potential damages to the wood display fixtures and cause some problems.Here is proper maintenance of wood display stand as follows.

  • Use the clean cloth

Before you clean your wood display stand,you should make sure that the duster cloth is clean.Finishing erasing dust,the cloth should be washed or changed if you want to erase again.

  • Choose the proper care agent

Nursing spray wax and cleaning and maintenance agent are suitable to clean the wood display stand.The former can be used for MDF wood display stand in varies of finishes like melamine and laminate,which has different and fresh fragrance of Jasmine and lemon.The latter is suitable for all kinds of wood, composite wood and other solid wood display racks, especially for some wood display fixtures in mixed materials.

  • Remove the watermark on the painted surface

If there is watermark on the wood display stand,you can put a piece of wet cloth there and then press on it with a iron at a relatively low temperature,which can vaporize the moisture inside the paint film.

Apart from above ways there are some methods to maintain your wood display stand.


  • Milk cleaning method

Dip a piece of clean cloth in the milk and then rub the wood display surface with this cloth.Finally,in order to dispose of the smell of milk, you should rub it again with clean water.This method is suitable for some painted display stand and other kinds of display stand.

  • Beer cleaning method

Boil 1400 ML beer and add in 14 grams of sugar and 28 grams of beeswax to the boiled beer. Then stir it to make sure it is smooth.After the mixture is cooled,dip the soft cloth into it and then rub the display stand.

  • Lemon cleaning method

If there is iron spot on the surface of painted wood display stand or melamined display stand,you can rub it with cloth which is dipped into lemon juice and then scrub the surface again with a piece of soft cloth which is dipped into hot water.Finally,dry your wooden display stand so it will become shiny again.

Actually, it is not difficult to maintain wood display stand.Have you got it clearly? let’s do ti right now and make your display stand beautiful.


Above article comes from GEEWIN DISPLAY.