Keep your ceramic tiles display stand away from moisture

When the weather is always rainy and wet,especially in southern areas, many people may worry about their display units get moisture like some tile display ,tile rack and ceramic tiles display stand etc.So the ceramic tiles display stand should be kept away from moisture to maintain its function and beautiful appearance.The surface of wooden ceramic tiles display stand must be dry when painting.If there is no right measure to keep your tile display units from moisture,it may be easy to mildew.

Nowadays,ceramic tiles display stand are processed with strict drying procedure before delivery.But it doesn’t mean that customers can take no measures to keep their wooden tile rack from moisture. GEEWIN suggests that customers can use special cleanser and some protective wax to rub the surface lightly,and post up the surface of ceramic tile display rack with bibulous paper.If ceramic tile display stand of man-made board is affected with damp,then you should pay more attention to water and put the waterproof pad under the ceramic tiles display stand and keep ventilation as soon as possible.

When we customize and install tile display stands,we should consider a problem of moisture-proof.If the environment is wet,then you should choose the solid wood like rosewood and other wear-resisting wood and paint it with tung oil to protect the ceramic tile display stand from moisture.

If it has been already affected with damp,what else measures can be taken to improve the situation? There is a original and effective measure to keep display stand away from moisture and damage.For example,many people will put their ceramic tiles display stand in the sun when they make it wet carelessly.It is necessary to make our tile rack exposure to sun on a regular basis,which can not only keep it from moisture,but also protect it from moth.

GEEWIN only chooses the quality materials that are waterproof and wear-resisting so that ceramic tiles display stand will keep its function and gloss normally. With quality materials and consummate craft, GEEWIN can supply customers high grade ceramic tiles display stand.



The above article comes from GEEWIN DISPLAY.