The future of Display Fixtures

Display fixtures industry has been developing for 20 years.In the beginning,there was the initial installation team on-site construction in display fixtures.As the development of economy,current factory production to the site installation has become the main mode of display fixtures industry,which means that display fixtures industry has been quite mature.As the expanding of commerce,the demand of display fixture has been growing.In recent years, a large number of personnel influx of the display fixture industry, coupled with the infiltration of other industries, store fixtures industry has been of overcapacity.

Since last year,a great number of retail stores closed because of the impact of online retail sales on the entity.A large number of commercial property have been idle.With the O2O model, the display fixture industry is even worse and this situation will worsen.According to Geewin editor’s understanding of the situation,since 2014, performances of more than 90% store fixtures factory significantly have fell down.

We think that it is service and quality that take up great value in future development of store fixtures&display industry.What’s more,service is nothing simple but the service system of design,material selection,production and after-sale.The service and quality is the soul of development of company.Only when we keep the old customers and old customers introduce new customers, can we slowly cast the reputation of casting brand and obtain long-term development.

Geewin always maintains the concept of client-oriented,focuses on quality and serves for customers based on their need.We have produced the high quality display stands,racks and shelving for customers at home and abroad.Therefore,we have done business with many loyal customers.Our vision is to cast the first brand of the display fixtures industry! Our business philosophy is to get the highest quality by best price!


Above article comes from GEEWIN DISPLAY.