How does display fixtures factory do good in after-sale service?

The cost of developing a new customer is often much more than the cost of serving an old customer. So it is worth doing good in after-sale service to win repeat customer. Thus how does display fixtures factory get the after-sale done?

First of all, make some workers finish the installation for customers who need installation service. Display fixtures factory should contact customers few days after installation to know about the use situation. Besides, make it clear that display fixtures can be can be free maintained in the warranty period if not man-made damaged. After receiving the customer feedback of after-sales problems, display fixtures manufacturer should arrange the relevant personnel for the maintenance as soon as possible, and had better handled it within 24 hours. in the case of human tension and serious damage, display fixtures factory can explain the reasons to the customers and solve the problems in the fastest time.

Display fixtures factory contacts or visits the customers properly after sale, which reflects the responsibility of the display fixtures manufacturer and also makes customers feel warm. Nowadays, customers can get many selections in the completing display fixtures industry, so that they may be fond by other manufacturers. Therefore, only by good service, keep good and friendly relationship with customers, can display fixtures factory develop more and more better.



The above article comes from GEEWIN DISPLAY.