Design of shoes rack from display fixtures company

Shoes shops tend to seize the psychology of women, making the elements of myth into the shoes and combining with modern fashion elements. With bold innovation, shoes shops strive for women to create a pair of their own shoes, so that every woman wearing a pair of beautiful and suitable shoes, can find the herself and self-confidence from the this. Thus a suitable and nice shoes rack is so necessary and essential for shoes shops to attract more customers.

GEEWIN display fixtures manufacture company are using the simple style on design to highlight the beauty and elegance of shoes. The shoes rack against the wall whose backplane is opaque plate or translucent plate, is convenient for customers to scan the information of the products and strengthen the their impression with the nice color and overall modern style. What’s more, the shoes rack can perfectly keep consistent on overall space. In the layout, the shoes rack against the wall is as tall as the high cabinet, while in the middle is only one or two island booth, which makes the shoes at a glance to customers when opening the door.

GEEWIN Store Fixtures&Displays Co., Ltd is a professional enterprise, engaged in design, production and after-sale service on display units. GEEWIN is always committed to research and exploitation on garment, cosmetics, shoes and jewelry displays, focusing on building the selling atmosphere and brand image. High-end shoes rack is manufactured to fit your space and features.



The above article comes from GEEWIN DISPLAY.