Custom Design Wood Display Rack from China Display Manufacturer

For 10 years we have been breaking new ground in permanent custom POP design for the top consumer brands and retailers in the world.

Our design and execution is continually providing greater market share and sales increases for our clients. Our dedicated team of industrial and graphic designers team up with our prototype, production and distribution personnel to give you a competitive advantage quickly. Best of all we manufacture what we create.

We specialize in the convenience and petroleum, grocery, dollar, and mass merchant retail channels.

Our award winning POP displays have not only become integral parts of our customers market strategy but have also been awarded several United States Patents.
From conceptual sketches through detailed color renditions, digital sell sheets and fully tested prototypes we will do everything possible to help you exceed all expectations.

Please note that what is displayed here are some examples of our design capabilities. Many other designs cannot be displayed due the confidential nature of our work.

GeewinDisplay fine quality wood display shelving units are designed for space efficiency and portability while providing an attractive way of displaying your products, merchandise, artwork, collectibles, etc.

GeewinDisplay display units provide a durable yet warm, natural look. We also offer a variety of finishes and custom-designed display fixtures at very affordable prices.

We invite you to look over our full line of display units, check out new developments here at GeewinDisplay or trade shows at which we’ll be displaying our display units. Please contact us with questions or to request a products catalog or to join our mailing list.

GeewinDisplay secure valuable selling space for your products in stores. Our natural wood display rack is available in standard designs and sizes or customized to fit your product and merchandising goals.

GeewinDisplay Providing a home for your brand at the point of purchase with the right display rack is often the most effective way to increase sales on a consistent basis. Our wood displays are recognized worldwide for the highest quality at affordable prices.

Custom branded, finished in any color, or left natural, no other material enhances brand quality and secures retail space as effectively as wood.

Select the category of wood racks or custom wood displays for your brand and merchandising objectives or to get ideas and solutions for your POP planning. We look forward to assisting you in this process.