Do confirm the plan before wooden display fixtures production

Wooden display fixtures production is a complicated process. Foshan display fixtures factory should communicate with customer as often as possible and not start production until the customer confirmed the project.

The confirmation phase of the mall is confirmed by Party A’s business and shopping mall directly. And the general problem is more likely to happen when confirming the mall drawings. Because the shopping malls also have some requirements of the production, while the manufacturer also has its own production standards, which may lead to some differences about the drawings. Therefore, confirming the item drawings is very important in wooden display fixtures manufacture.

Generally speaking, wooden display fixtures manufacturer will send a single fax to the customer after measuring, which reflects the specific requirements of the mall and information. And after customer receives the message, they will do further communication and resolution for some problems. The more communications, the less problems.

Apart from being confirmed by shopping mall, wooden display fixtures manufacturers and sellers also need to determine the design plan together. Customers can communicate with suppliers according to their own style and need. GEEWIN will take a comprehensive consideration to determine whether the customer’s program is feasible. Wooden display fixtures can be put into production after  conducting a repeated communication to determine the final program. Once the program is confirmed, the wooden display fixtures’ style and production is determined. Thus the determination of production plan is an essential part in the display fixtures manufacture process. As an experienced and professional wooden display fixtures manufacturer and supplier, GEEWIN always keep in touch with customers and spare no efforts to satisfy their needs.



The above article comes from GEEWIN DISPLAY.