The classification of display rack

Display rack: refers to a product promotion with the design to match the high-quality goods display.

With a creative LOGO sign, make the products can be marked to show in front of the public, so as to achieve the effect of the publicity and advertising of product, the high-quality goods display rack can omni-directional demonstrated the characteristics of the product, rich in parts, and each component can be flexible to install, a variety of colors, exquisite design personnel design, display the traditional exhibition facilities obscured.

Display rack classification:

  1. According to the style, it can be divided into: flooring display racks, display table, hanging display shelf, special-shaped display racks, theme stacking display racks, rotating display racks, etc
  2. According to the material can be divided into: cardboard display racks, metal display racks, tempered glass display racks, composite material display racks, wire-drawing board display racks, aluminum display racks, plastic plate and acrylic plate display racks.
  3. According to the function, It can be divided into: exhibition rack, clothing display rack, food display racks, supermarket shelf, paint display racks, data rack, gifts display racks, publicity display racks, tobacco and wine display racks, cosmetics display racks, book racks, jewelry exhibition rack, sunglasses display racks, etc.

Display rack is widely used in different field. It is of various functions that is quality and durable. As a professional manufacturer of metal and wood display racks, Geewin is equipped to produce a variety of display racks and furniture for customers all over the world.



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