Different ways to display products on tile display stands

Firstly, straight display

This way to display tiles has the advantage of saving space. Customers can pay attention to the ceramic tile straightly, which can display all aspects of ceramic tile more completely. For example, the cleanliness of ceramic tiles, the color and texture of ceramic tiles, etc, can be successfully catch the sight of customers.

Secondly, slanting display

The tiles displayed on the inclined panel have a certain angle of view from the customers. Unlike the straight-board display, customers can’t get a panoramic view of it in the distance. However, if the customer looks closely, all the features are reflected. Generally, this kind of tile display stands is more and more popular.

Besides the above ways to display ceramic tile, there are many other ways. Only when we display the tiles properly with suitable tile display stands, can we do success in products exhibition.


The above article is published by GEEWIN DISPLAY.