The practical value of wooden display cabinets

What kind of display cabinet is the most beautiful, practical and environmentally friendly? This is a problem that many brand merchants are concerned about. They should not only focus on the fashionable appearance and novel , but also the practical and durable features. Thus the production material is the important factor of the quality of the display cabinet.

Referring to the workmanship and materials of display cabinets, the display cabinets are commonly divided into metal display cabinets and wooden display cabinets. Metal cabinets are usually the those in brand stores with high-end demand. Another is the wooden display cabinet, which is widely used in convenience store and other more shops.

Metal display cabinet, as its name implies, is a display cabinet made of metal materials. Through the process of cutting, grooving, stamping and wire drawing polishing to adopt seamless welding, we can reduce the waste of production, and save production time. This kind of metal display cabinet is so smooth in its appearance and durable.

Wooden display cabinet is mainly made of the wood material such as MDF, particle board and core board etc. Its surface can be finished with different colors and style. Melamine is one of the most popular finishing in wooden display cabinets production. The cabinet in melamine surface is so beautiful and durable that customers can use it for a long time.

Both of metal display cabinet and wooden display cabinet can be used to display various products, as long as we choose the right and suitable display.


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