Customized display cabinet for different exhibitions

There is a kind of display cabinet used in various exhibitions. This kind of display cabinet requires the most sophisticated production and design, not only the producers should ensure the best use of materials, but also the design requirements will be higher, which of course is inseparable from the nature of the exhibition, because the most obvious feature of the exhibition is that it gathers a large number of exhibitors and a large number of users. Therefore, we need to be able to focus on users in thousands of businesses, we must make some efforts in the design, including lighting, vi, tone matching; and exhibitors considering the nature of the exhibition will have certain material and safety requirements for the display cabinet stationed in the business, and more than the production requirements of the display cabinet stationed in the shopping mall. The exhibition display cabinets are mainly used for commodity exhibition of trade fairs in Canton Fair, Shanghai Trade Fair, Exhibition Hall and other regions, and are customized for the whole booth.



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