Some points of display stand design and production

For the display stand design and production, displays designers should focus on several principles:

First, designers and operators should stand at the same side and establish the design consciousness and concept with customers as the core.

Second, although customers are the subjects and display stand and commodities are the objects, they should be combined by the design of display stand.

Third, it is necessary to clearly design the carrier of the showcase — whether the commodity is a soft commodity or a rigid commodity.

Fourth, we should understand that the shopping mall is a big garden or a garden in Suzhou. We should let customers stop and watch it. It has a beautiful and novel appearance, attracts attention and gives people a good feeling at the same time. The only magic weapon to attract eyeballs. The designer will design the idea of one step and one scene.

Fifth, on the premise of guaranteeing the quality, the design and manufacture of display stands should also ensure their reasonable cost performance-economy.

There are many factors involved in the design and production process of various display stand such as jewelry display cabinet, clothing display stands, sunglasses display stands. In order to pursue and achieve the ideal effect goal of commodity display, we should consider the design and production of display stand from many aspects.

Face to face, targeted contact and exchange with customers. People can understand each other and establish trust through conversation and non-verbal exchanges. This exchange is entirely different from person to person and suit the remedy to the case, so it is easy to get the effect.


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