What are the effects of nice display racks?

A nice display rack is specially tailored for the sales action of a specific brand ‘commodity’. It makes it have a distinct personality, highlighted in a dazzling but similar commodity sales environment, playing the following effects:
First, attracting pedestrians into stores or making customers stay on display racks before creating trading opportunities.
Second, informing the contents and selling characteristics of the products and stimulating the customers’ purchase interest.
Third, providing the latest information on goods and services, arousing consumers’ attention and subconsciousness.
Fourth, informing the consumer the price of commodities and commercial services, preferential information and induce customers to purchase and consume impulsively.
Fifth, beautify and activate the consumption environment, improve consumers’ trust in store and sales service personnel.
Sixth, promoting the Advantages of commodities and services through various unique and novel ways, stimulating the consumer desire of customers, so as to promote the transaction behavior.
Finally, it is especially suitable for creating festival atmosphere, so that customers can associate with the product at that time.

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