Importance of wood cash counter

wood cash counter is the last stage for customers after that they think they finish shopping. In fact, wood cash counter can play another different role in shop and supermarket. It can be used to display something forgotten by customers. Therefore, what kind of products can be displayed on the wood cash counters?

Firstly, impulsive goods

In general, extending to foods such as plum, chewing gum, candy, snacks and other children’s product categories can cause customer impulse consumption. Goods can be displayed on several small panels  in front of the wood cash counter, of which height is the same as children’s. Of course, this area is not limited to children.

Secondly, novelty goods

Sales can put something novelty, especially something very interesting and strange.  In the meantime, these new things will be outdated as the time goes by and economy develops.

Thirdly, regional recommendation

The area near the wood cash counter is a place where customers will find more things they are interested in. If we cooperate with the manufacturers, we can also set up some special areas at the back of wood cash counter.

Fourth, update products frequently

The goods in the wood cash counter area should be updated frequently. On the one hand, after a period, the customers will be familiar with the products, resulting in visual fatigue and consumption burnout. On the other hand, as the time goes by, the attractive commodities are also different.

At present, many shops will set the wood cash counter as a platform for recommending goods. But some have not take the commodity selection and display into consideration, which causes the opposite effect. in fact, through the reasonable displaying strategy, merchants can increase the output to a greater extent and reduce the pressure of staffs.



The above article is published by GEEWIN DISPLAY.