Proper placement of display racks in shop

Most shops and stores have its own layout of display rack placement. Reasonable placement of display rack can bring good effects and enable customers to extend their time in stores. The general display racks manufacturer will design the location of the displays according to the actual situation and the requirements of customers.

The display racks manufacturer should firstly consider how to maximize the display of the goods. In the course of the route design, it is necessary to make the product form a double encirclement to the customer’s psychology and sight, so that it can complete the purchase. Generally speaking, the main route for customers to browse is the main passageway in the store. Therefore, hot sales and fashionable products should be placed on the main channel display rack so that customers can easily see and touch them. Large shops are usually circularly or well shaped, while small shops are L or reverse Y. For non promotional items and general merchandise, they can be displayed on sub channels. The specific plan should be determined according to the actual situation of the store. In addition,the cashier counter should be placed at the tail of the main channel so that customers can have access to finish the payment.

When the route of the shopping mall and store is well designed, the display racks manufacturer should pay special attention to the space between display racks to avoid the “butt effect” when installing. The distance between display racks should be reasonable so that customers can choose goods comfortably and flexibly.



The above article is published by GEEWIN DISPLAY.