Pegboard display for shop

Pegboard display is a special display joinery for hanging items. When merchandise sell jewelry, accessories and little gifts in shops, they may choose the pegboard display for exhibition. Pegboard display can be also used to display garment that customers hang the clothing on the board. Pegboard is simple and easy to make, and it is so flexible for displaying.

Referring to the pegboard, we can keep our mind of holes and hooks. Holes and hooks are the significant parts of pegboard. This is why it’s called “pegboard”. Based on the wood panel that customers selected, engineer carves the board with CNC carving machine. Holes will be made after the carving process. Then hooks can get through the holes for hanging items. What should be kept in mind is that it is s-hooks can hang on the holes steadily. Thus manufacturers had better choose the s-hooks for pegboard.

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