Simple and various sample boards

Sample boards are the simple, easy and portable display panels for tiles and mosaics. Though sample board is so simple, customers can also select different style and finish as their need. For example, MDF sample board in melamine finishing is also popular in tiles and mosaic displaying. It can be made in portable handle that fits clients need. Besides, some customers may just need the display board in suitable size instead of handle board. Handle board, also called hanging board, is so convenient for customers to catch and hang it on the hanging pole. Sample boards can be also affixed with stickers. Printing sticker is designed as clients’ requirememnt and affixed on the panel. It is more and more popular in displaying tiles and mosaics, and the sticker is so firmly attached on the board so that customers like our sample board very much.

Different sample boards can be selected and produced according to your need. Please visit our website,, to get more information about sample boards. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


The above article is published by GEEWIN DISPLAY.