Features and usages of PVC Foam Board

Do you know what is PVC foam board? What are the features and usages of this kind of board? Is it suitable for exhibition? OK, let’s talk about the pvc foam board together.

Firstly, pvc foam board, also known as Chevron board and Andy board, its chemical composition is polyvinyl chloride, so it is also called foamed polyvinyl chloride board. Most people know that it is widely used in bus, train car roofs, cabinet cores, interior decoration panels, building exterior wall panels, interior decorative panels, offices, residential buildings, public spaces, building compartments. But less people know that it can be also used in other aspects. For example, pvc foam board can be used for commercial decorative frame, clean room board, ceiling board, screen printing, computer lettering, advertising signs, display boards, sign boards, photo album boards, etc. PVC foam board is a kind of display board for ceramic tiles exhibition. It is so easy and portable for shop and showroom.

Secondly, it is of great features as follows:

  1. Waterproof, flame retardant, acid and alkali resistant, anti-mite, light weight, heat preservation, sound insulation and shock absorption
  2. PVC foam board is processed in the same way as wood, and its processing feature is more superior to wood. It can be drilled, sawed, nailed, planed, glued, etc. like wood.
  3. It is an ideal substitute for wood, aluminum and composite board.
  4. The surface of the crust board is very smooth, high hardness, not easy to scratch, and is often used to make cabinets, furniture, etc.

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The above article is published by GEEWIN DISPLAY.