The differences between counter table and display stand

I believe many people know about counter table, while few people know about display stand. People who have idea with counter tables and display stands are usually those who specialize in this field or those who are related to business in this industry. As for these problems, we can compares the concepts and differences between counter table and display stand in modern display industry.

Firstly, what is counter table?

Counter table, also known as counters, is the primary carriers of storing goods, and also the primary structure of shopping space vision.

Secondly, what is display stand?

Display stand, also called exhibition cabinet and display rack, is primarily used to display products.

The counter tables develop faster and faster in recent years. The variety and style of the counter tables are varied. Because of the rapid takeoff of the market economy and the more and more division of labor within the profession, a profession has been divided into many different kinds of products, and the different products need to be planned and made on the counter tables. The features of the products are consistent. Therefore, the demand of counter tables on the market will increase. The effect and usage of counter table is to facilitate these products to be conveniently classified.

The display stand is mainly used to display products. It is different from the counter table. The effect and usage of the display stand is to assist the product to catch the sight of publicity, decorate the appearance of the product, improve the value of the product and attract the consumers’ sight. products can greatly improve the consumer’s purchasing desire with the displaying effect of the display stand.


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