Hot selling sticker display board

There is a kind of display board called “sticker display board” in tile display series. It is made of quality MDF board with sticker surface finishing. Sticker display board is widely used to display various kinds of floor tiles and mosaic.

Sticker is pasted in the MDF board by man-made in the early time. With the development economy and technology, our factory has brought in new machine for sticking. Modern automatic producing machine is so advanced in our factory that our production capacity is and quality is worth the faith of customers.

Sticker display board is made of the base wood material, MDF board. It can be also customized as the need and requirements of customers. Customers can choose different wood panel in different thickness, surface finishing such as melamine, painting and sticker. Sticker is offered according to requirements of customers. Of course, customers can also supply the stickers by themselves and we will paste them in the wood board.

As the development of the tiles industry, tiles display racks and display boards are becoming more and more popular. Sticker display board is also hot selling in nowadays. Geewin is a professional and experienced manufacturer of display boards, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need displays.


The above article is published by GEEWIN DISPLAY.