Wood selection and characteristics of display stands

Wood is one of the most commonly used materials in the manufacture of display stands. There are wood panel, multilayer board, integrated board, high density board, ornament panel and so on. The performance of different plates is different, and the selection and characteristics of several common wooden display panels are also different.

Medium density board(MDF): good evenness

MDF is made of wood powder sawdust after pressing. The flatness is better, but the disadvantage is that the moisture resistance is poor. But Geewin only choose the good quality MDF as the base material of display stands, and most customers would like to choose the MDF as the material for there display racks.

Integrated board: not easy to deform

A new modern board is made of high quality imported large diameter logs, which are interlaced like fingers. This kind of board has superior environmental performance. It allows 1/8 to contain formaldehyde. But the price of this material display stand is relatively high.

Carpenter: good moisture resistance

The center of blockboard is a core made of natural wood sticks, and a thin veneer on both sides. It is one of the most important materials in the production of display stands. It can be used as the central structure of the exhibition facade and wooden doors and exterior structure. Its waterproof effect is good and its structural support is strong.

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