Clothing display cabinet design in the shop

A mother infant shop will usually be divided into several parts: clothing area, eatting area, entertainment area and so on. The reasonable layout of different exhibition areas can achieve twice the effect with half the effort. Therefore, the clothing display cabinet in the shop is very important that it can affect the whole decorated effect of the space.

In the design of the clothing display cabinet in the mother and child shop, the baby area should be roughly distinguished from the learning step children area, but it is easy to make the parents understand the design. Therefore, it is necessary to make the vertical and horizontal cross configuration in the plane design. It is different between Children’s clothing and adult clothing different style. Style is not obvious, and the volume of the goods itself is very small, so the design and display way of the clothing display cabinet should be as visible as possible and attract people’s attention.

In the decoration design of mother and infant shop, the space will become congested because of several areas, so as to have a flowing space for flowing people. In addition to the space scale, the exhibition cabinet should take full advantage of the space of the upper part. It is possible to make a reasonable layout of the clothing display cabinet in order to make the limited area of the shop open to a wide and transparent feeling.

Because there are many differences between mother infant shops and other kinds of shops, special designs should be made in the clothing display cabinet.


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