The development of supermarket wood shelf

The supermarket wood shelf is the stretcher of goods in the supermarket. The earliest shelf is in China, which is usually made of iron wood and glass and so on. But these wood fixtures have a big disadvantage that they can not adjust the shelves freely, and at the same time, it is not convenient to move or beautiful.

With the improvement of people’s living condition, the supermarket industry is extremely developing greater and greater. It has basically replaced the canteen and become the main shopping place for people. The development of supermarkets also led to the development of supermarket wood shelf.

1. Large supermarket wood shelf (also known as hypermarket shelves).

The supermarkets are full of goods to display, so the demand for shelf load is even higher. The main customers shopping in the supermarkets are customers of National hypermarkets.

2. Standard supermarket wood shelf(Middle supermarket shelves)

The supermarket wood shelf is specially designed for the standard supermarket. The biggest feature is light and beautiful. It has no complex accessories like the big display shelf, and has also made the corresponding adjustment in the display state. It pays more attention to the display effect and the humanized display of the goods. Its main customers are local chain type medium supermarket.

3. Convenience store wood shelf
The convenience store wood shelf is suitable for convenience stores and drugstore shops. It adopts the concept of simple installation. The biggest features of the shelves are exquisite, light, beautiful and firm.

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