How to judge the features of the wooden clothing display stand?

Wooden clothing display stand is widely used for that it is relatively diverse in shape and rich in material selection. It can be well matched with the variety of clothing and features of the exhibits. How do we judge the features of a wooden clothing display stand when we choose it?

Test the firmness of the wooden clothing display stand

The overall structure of the display stand is not only related to the display effect, but also to the safety. We can test its overall firmness by shaking the body, or dragging the display stand, listening to the sound of the part, the sound of all parts that are strong and good. We can hear that the sound is crisp when dragging the good quality and firm clothing display stand. If the wooden clothing display stand is not firm enough, the sound of dragging is low.

Test whether the water content of the wood material is exceeding the standard

Generally speaking, the water content standard of wood material is 12%. Wood panel below this standard is qualified. If it is exceeding the standard, the wood panel will easily deform and affect the normal use of the display stand. When choosing wooden clothing display stand, if the you feel damp when touching it, it is proved that its moisture content is high and should not be purchased. In addition, if the water drops on the stand are quickly absorbed, it is proved that the water content is low. If slowly, then the water content is too high to be selected.

The above two methods are commonly used to detect whether a wooden clothing display stand meets the requirements. But if we want to measure the overall quality, we should judge according the details of the work as well.


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