The application of painting on wood display cabinets

The summer is coming, so human will feel very hot in the hot weather. It is no exception that wood display cabinets may feel “hot” and  is easy to get some deformed and deformed phenomena in the high temperature weather. What method or technology can improve the quality and effect of wood display cabinet under the hot temperature? It is a good idear that apply the technology of the painting on wood display cabinets. This technology is mainly aimed at the appearance of the surface of the cabinets. It greatly enhances the surface resistance and heat resistance of the wood display cabinets.

In order to make the display cabinets meet the customers’ requirements and get huge market benefits, many display cabinets manufacturers begin to use painting on their products.

With the development of the display cabinets market, more and more manufacturers began to introduce the technology of painting. It has made the design and production technology of the exhibition wood display cabinets reform successfully. Its application on the display cabinet is greatly improved in the aspects of stability, weatherability, durability, corrosion resistance, friction resistance and so on,  which makes the surface of cabinets become more glossy after polishing. To improve the quality and effectiveness of wood display cabinets, painting is also a good choice.


The above article is published by GEEWIN DISPLAY.