Color design about wood counter in children clothing shop

Sky blue is a moderate brightness color, giving people a calm and leisurely atmosphere. Sky blue is pure and clean like children’s pure face, though not very eye-catching, but it gives people a very fresh feeling. This color applies to the wood counter in  children’s clothing shops, making shops full of childishness. What’s more, blue and white can show the essence of it.

Some children’s clothing wood counter is made of sky blue and white color design. The main wood counter is mainly white, and blue is the border decoration. In the corner of the wall, use pure color blue as a column. The vice-wood-counter is designed to match the blue color. The other wood counters with signboards are mainly blue, and are designed as castle gates. This kind of color design plus Castle style doors is very attractive in shopping malls. With such decoration, the combination of blue and white makes people seem to enter a childlike innocence world.

Color management is a major contribution of businessmen to the color world. Color is also a visual factor that can easily infect people’s mood. So color design is playing an important role in wood counters manufacture.


The above article is published by GEEWIN DISPLAY.