How to improve the durability of the tile sample boards?

Tile sample boards are the portable and useful display fixtures for tile shop and showroom to display various tile samples. In order to attract more customers, tile shops will adopt more elaborate tile display boards. If the durability is not good, it will not be used for a long time without any use. It wastes energy and wastes money. So how to improve the durability of the tile sample boards?

When cleaning the display boards, use clean towels. If there is something else on the towel, the brightness of the surface of the display boards will be destroyed when it is repeatedly wiped on the boards. Generally, customers would like to choose the MDF board as the raw material of tile sample boards, which is so durable and wearable. What’s more, finished with nice melamine, our tile sample display boards will be so smooth and elegant. Thus, when cleaning the display boards, you can use some clean water wiping the surface slightly, then they will more glossy and clean.

In fact, durability of display boards is not due to poor material or craft. It’s the reason why people didn’t notice some details during maintenance. It is very important to provide durability and daily cleaning for tile sample boards.


The above article is published by GEEWIN DISPLAY.