Why there is a difference in different shop fixtures?

When you begin to set up a shop, you may firstly find the suitable shop fixtures. Do you find that ten display fixtures manufacturers will have ten different quotations? Some are even different. Why does the price of the shop fixtures vary in price? Geewin display fixtures factory would like to talk about the price pf shop fixtures.

Of course, some people would say that the price of different materials is definitely different. Yes, it’s obvious. Density board, particle board, splint, big core board, flame-retardant density board and flame retardant splint are the main plank for producing wooden display fixtures. The cost of different boards is different. But what if it’s the same type of plate? Is the price the same? The answer is negative, whether it is density board, particle board, splint or big core board is also divided into the quality of good or bad, the price level. For example, as for suppress meticulous density boards, the price is relatively high. On the contrary, the price of density boards will be relatively low if the internal materials are loose and mixed with more debris.

Another factor that affects the cost of shop fixtures is hardware. The quality of two yuan hardware is different from that of five yuan hardware. Hardware accessories play an important role in the use of the display fixtures in the later stage. Geewin factory will use the hardware that has been tested and has a long service life.

The paint of the display fixtures and the manual painting experience are also the important factors affecting the price. The meticulous and manual time consuming should be relatively much, and the thickness of the paint will also have an impact on the cost of the shop fixtures. When the paint is thin, the manual is relatively less. The standard of the paint industry is “two bottom two sides”, and the paint surface is absolutely flat in the bottom oil process, but the labor is more artificial.

All these factors can lead to a difference in the price of shop fixtures in Geewin factory. What the point is that we will always focus on the good quality and service based on clients’ requirements. More information about shop fixtures please visit our website: www.kddisplay.com


The above article is published by GEEWIN DISPLAY.