Beautiful design of display cabinet

When the display cabinet is manufactured, there will usually be the design of the light box. How to design the light box is also the most concerned problem for the designers and customers. Because these decorations are also playing a major role in propaganda. How will we choose the light box for the display cabinet? Usually, the production of light boxes is made of double-layer acrylic, that is made up of surface transparent and inner milk white acrylic, with a picture in the middle. This way is not only convenient for replacement of pictures, but also conducive to cost saving. Of course there are methods of production which are relatively simple. It  is that directly attached the light box to the surface of a layer of acrylic adhesive, picture, picture or posts in the back of the transparent acrylic. the drawbacks of this approach is not conducive to the screen, so the operation is now rarely.

If there is a big banner on the display cabinet, there is no way to do the operation, such as non-standard 2 meters *3 meters picture, because acrylic standard size is not so large, if custom acrylic is not realistic, usually it is the direct use of a good picture, instead of acrylic, this picture is usually called hanging picture.

The display cabinet design has a more upscale and more used in cosmetics is slim light box, this box thickness is very thin, generally at about 2 cm thickness, and people can replace the picture and move it conveniently, especially the crystal thin light boxes which are not only flexible, but also very beautiful. What’more, it can match the display cabinet in quite significant level.


The above article comes from GEEWIN DISPLAY.