What kind of products can be displayed on the cash counters?

The cash counter is the final state for customers. All customers must be concentrated in this period, and wait for the cashier. Customers may always forget to buy something that is not easy to find and new, then they will search goods they want in the cash counters. In a case, cash counter is also a kind of displays. So, what kind of goods should be displayed on the cash counters to attract customers to buy?

First, branded products

On the back of cash counters, we can display famous and branded goods, or products in promoting. Besides, take the well-known, popular and seasonal elements into consideration, then the commodity seems to say to the customer, “I am here, take me home quickly.” Of course, the size needs to be in line with the characteristics of the cash counter.

Second, small pieces of convenience products

We often have such an experience that when we go home from a supermarket, we can just remember that something we want to buy is forgotten, and most of them are small convenience goods. Small things require staff to sort out as the customers’ needs.

Third, multi-stage displays

Some companies advocate variety to achieve a greater degree of sales. They will carry on a lot of products on the normal shelving, and also the cash counters.

Generally speaking, cash counter is of great functions for supermarket, shop and store, which can is a kind of checkout counter but a display unit.


The above article comes from GEEWIN DISPLAY.