How to solve the problems for maintaining jewelry display cabinet

As we know, jewelry display cabinet is a very exquisite display equipment. Compared with other types of display cabinets, the price of design and production is very expensive. Once it is damaged, it can’t be thrown away. In the daily use of jewelry, it is unavoidable to have accidental injuries, such as scalds, burns, or the appearance of cracks and yellowing in a long time. When such problems occur, don’t rush to solve them, or they will backfire, but find out the correct handling methods, and make the jewelry display cabinets easy to restore. Tips of restoring the display cabinets can be seen as follows.

How to deal with the problem of scald?
Generally speaking, the jewelry display cabinet is burned by a high temperature item, such as boiling water. Don’t panic, the most easy way is to use a soft cloth dipped with tea juice to clean, which is convenient and effective. Wipe the paint film with floral water and you will find it useful.

How to deal with the cracks of the display cabinets?
There are common cracks in the display cabinets in daily life. Well, you may never know that milk can be used for removing the cracks on the jewelry display cabinet surface. Take a clean cloth surface after dipping some milk into the wet, then it can be used directly to wipe the dirt. Rinsing the surface with clean water to remove the sour milk after finishing.

How to deal with the problem of yellowing of display cabinets?
Jewelry display cabinet will be lose its gloss with a long time, and even becomes yellow of surface. In daily life, we can use the vinegar or toothpaste to clean the display cabinet slightly.

There are many approaches for maintain display cabinets. Only when we use the proper methods, can the problems be solved effectively.


The above article comes from GEEWIN DISPLAY.