Wood display cabinet for shopping mall and shop

Wood display cabinet is widely used in shopping mall and shop. The requirement of shopping mall wood display cabinet is mainly based on the products and brand image. The design of wood display cabinets should match to the color, lighting decoration and overall style. Designers always design the display cabinets according to the beauty, space and exhibition. This kind of wood display cabinets are various and sorted of painted display cabinet, steel display cabinets and glass display cabinets based on the material and finishing. The major technology includes wood cutting, carving and punching and painting etc.

Wood display cabinet is suitable for mobile phone store, jewelry shop and watch shop and so on. The requirement of shop display cabinet will be higher such as cosmetic shop. Wood display cabinet for cosmetic shop should help to improve the exhibition effect and decoration of the shop. As a result, wood display cabinets are widely and popular used in cosmetic shop and jewelry shop.


The above article comes from GEEEWIN DISPLAY.