Baking-varnished display stands and painted display stands

It is the same as baking-varnished display stand as painted display stand? Many people will be confused about that.Then let’s make clear about the differences between baking-varnished display stand and painted display stands.


A display stand made of the craft of baking varnish is called baking-varnished display stand.While the display stand made of the craft of paint spraying is called painted display stand.However,we still can not distinguish them by the concepts,so we need more information about the two display stands.


It needs painting primer for three times and surface of the base materials for four times when manufacturing a baking-varnished display stand.Every time painting it should be taken into the baking room with balanced temperature and no dust and baked.On the other hand,painted display stand is made of the craft of that workers grind the coarse particle on the base wood and then paint its surface and finally let it dry normally.

There is high demand of both kinds of display stands,workers should manufacture display stands with a strong sense of responsibilities and careful quality so that high class display stands can be offered for the customers.Geewin is a professional manufacturer of wood display stands and we also supply the high quality painted display stand of environmental and quality materials such MDF,particle board and fire-resisting board.The painting craft of display stand is also exquisite for that Geewin is a painted display stand manufacturer with rich experience and we always design and manufacture for customers’ requirements.


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