Hot sale round tile display stand

Round tile display stand, a special and easy display fixture, right? Well, our round tile display stand is hot sale in Australia and Asia, which is so durable and flexible for shop that customers would like to do long term business with us. Then what ‘s the material of round display stand? How are its style and appearance?

First of all, round tile display stand is made of the environmentally friendly wood material, MDF board. We only choose the EO environmental raw wood material for our production. With good feature and density, MDF board is one of the most useful wood material for comprehensive and proper utilization. Therefore, our round tile display stand is of great quality and you can put it in shop to display various samples.

In addition, round display stands are designed according to the requirement of clients and style of shops, thus they can fit the shops greatly and are suitable for products. A wide range styles you can choose for your shops and products. What’s more, optional colors and finishes are available such as painting, melamine and laminate.

Other more display stands can be produced whenever you need, such as slatwall display stand, gondola shelving and tower display stand etc.


The above article comes from GEEWIN DISPLAY.