Supermarket gondola shelving that can be used in functional stations

Supermarket gondola shelving is widely used in supermarket to display  various kinds of goods.  Supermarket gondola shelving can be used in different way based on the products on sale. For example, you can use it for garment display. Supermarket gondola shelf is so popular used for garment display for its features: multi-sides that can be customized, modern and fashionable appearance, various colors fitting your clothing and flexible shelves etc.  In addition, supermarket gondola shelving is also suitable for displaying foods, like snacks, bread, fruits and vegetable and so on.

As a freestanding fixture, gondola shelving is so flexible and adjustable to display merchandise with end-to-end form rows shelves. Made of environmentally friendly wood finished melamine or painting, shelving is used in various applications such as supermarket, convenience shops and grocery stores.


The above article comes from GEEWIN DISPLAY.