According to related statistics,a consumer stays in a shop for average fifteen minutes(except big sale mall) and stays in a kind of product field for fifteen seconds. 75% of consumers make a decision of buying one product while 40% will buy other products if they can not find the favorite goods on the shop display stand. Thus we can find it that apart from quality of products and merchandising skills, the display situation of shop display stand can make an influence on sales and effect on products directly.

Firstly, Meanings

Avoid from lack of goods and improve storage quality

Enough space of shop display stand can help to decrease the phenomenon of out of stock, protecting customers and merchants from getting bad effects and losing money. In addition, display stand can protect goods from moisture, dust, stealing and damaging and keeping good quality of products.

Secondly, Build the interface between customers and merchandise

Shop keepers use shop display stand for products display in shops and stores, which can make full use of limit business space and convey information of goods to consumers quickly.The gondola can be a great tool for display products which can help enhance the buying decision of consumers by the fully display of products. As for the consumers, good management of shop display stands can help them compare different products and find the target object quickly.

Thirdly, Improve band image

Great shop display stand is the same as a promoter or a salesman in shops, which makes products sell by themselves. Show products and band image to consumers as often as possible.


The above article comes from GEEWIN DISPLAY.