How to express the color and theme on display stand design

It is a difficult work that designers keep the good balance between display stand’s color and products to display. When designing an display stand, designer should have a idea on the collocation of the colors so as to attract the customers on visual and metal feel. So how to express the theme of display stand is the key point for designers.

The color of display stand is designed according to the general theme, which can express the main feature and display effect of display stand visually and create the unique style, and finally achieve the target of extending the products.

The following points are tips for collocating the color of display stand to express the theme:

First, comparison among various colors

Generally speaking, high-class products are of nice and specific outlook. In order to improve the display effect, designers should use the comparison of colors to express the elegant characteristic of products fully. For example, those display stand for jewelry, high-class cosmetic and artistic gifts, should be made of colorful style so as to display the high quality of products.

Second, temperature of colors

Color has the characteristic of temperature. Warm color series can bring somebody the feeling of comfort. While cold color will give somebody a feel of stress. We can make good use of the temperature feature of colors to express the theme of display stand successfully. For example, The function of fridge, fan and air-conditioner is refrigeration. So we can catch the characteristic of people that people will feel cold when seeing cold color. Thus display stand for similar products will be designed in cold color series.

Third, excite of color

Different colors may give different feeling to people, may be excited, may be calm. Usually red, orange and yellow can make others feel excited with the high rightness and saturation. On the contrast, blue, green and purple may bring people a sense of calm because of low brightness. Nowadays, designers use the modern technology to create the fashionable and unique display stand for products, which also create the interaction of customers. Thus, the products can be successfully spread with the perfect color design of display stands.



The above article comes from GEEWIN DISPLAY.