In the accessory store, people will use more sophisticated accessory display stand to attract more customers. However, things can not be used for a long time without good durability no matter how sophisticated they are, which waste energy and money. So how to improve the durability of accessory display stand?

We must use the clean towel to do some cleaning and maintenance for accessory display stands. If there are other things on the towel, the brightness of accessory display stands surface will be damaged by wiping repeatedly. Thus, do not use the dirty towel repeatedly. A lot of accessory display stands will be painted to anti corrosion, so do not use a knife to force to scraping if there is residual offset printing on the surface of the accessory display stand because of pasting the poster. It is recommended to use cotton white cloth, dipping in a small amount of white oil to wipe it. Do not use gasoline or toluene to wipe for that the two materials may react with the paint, resulting in paint fading and paint cracking, affecting the aesthetics. Finally, the environment of the accessory display stand is also very important. Accessory display stand is just placed in the space where the air-conditioning spray directly to the display stand surface, thus the paint will be easy to change color even though the paint doesn’t fall off. In addition,  being exposed to the sun for a long time, the same phenomenon will appear as well.

Normally, the poor durability is due to the careless details, instead of the bad materials or technology. But usual maintenance of accessory display stand is of great importance for its durability.



The above article comes from GEEWIN DISPLAY.