Set the proper position of the clothing store display stand

A complete clothing store display stand series includes high cabinet, checkout counter, middle cabinet and water platform. There are essential dressing rooms in clothing stores. The location of facilities are stressful in arrangement, which do help to display items and increase the use-time of display stand.

Clothing store display stand can be designed into several sections. High cabinet main section in the entire clothing store, usually placed on both sides of the wall. middle cabinet is always located in the middle of the high cabinet, which refers to the saying, “hollowing out” in the middle to increase the space. Enough space between middle cabinet and high cabinet should be reserved in order to bring convenience to customers. If there is much enough space between high cabinet and checkout counter, water platform can be set there. As for the location of checkout counter, it is better that we put it in the corner and somewhere not taking over displaying area, but it should be closed to the dressing rooms.

In order to extend the use period of clothing store display stand, it is best not to place in the place where air-conditioning straightly blows, for the reason that that the water blowing out of the air-conditioning  will condense in the clothing store display stand for a long time and will corrupt it. Do not place the clothing store display stand in the place where sun exposures fiercely, which will make the surface out of glossy and look very old.

Located properly in the store, clothing store display stands can not only better display clothing, but also extend the use-time. Generally, professional display stand manufacturer will set a variety of proper position of display stands for customers. Some tips about location of clothing store display stand may be suggested for customers in daily time as we are a professional display stand manufacturer.



The above article comes from GEEWIN DISPLAY.